Na Piarsaigh Limerick

Strictly Na Piarsaigh 3

Couple 9 are Sonya and Kieran. Sonya is a French and Spanish teacher having lived in both Countries. Kieran a father of 4 is a Senator from Limerick City. They will dance to Bollywood

Couple 10 are Evelyn and Niall. Evelyn a mum of 2 lives in Newport and likes to be a flamongo among pidgeons and sometimes Shiela.. Niall is a local primary teacher who is always game for a laugh and party. They dance the Charleston

Couple11 are Martin and SIle. Martin has been hurling with Na Piarsaigh since 1995 and dancing since August where he is equally adept at both. Sile from Limerick City is a social care worker who enjoys the great outdoors and dancing of course!. They dance the Samba–Macarana

Couple 12 are Lavinia and Noel. Lavinia is a mum of 3 who loves Munster rugby and Limerick Hurling and Noel is a goat farmer who is doing it for the Casey boys!! They dance the Tango

The last couple are Kevin and Ramona. Kevin is a financial advisor and current selector of the Na Piarsaigh  minor footballers. Ramona a mum of 4 who loves to sing especially ” Caladonia”. They dance to the Salsa

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